The Starter EP

by James Faction

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This is a collection of tracks made over the last couple of years. If you want to put it in a genre, you could call it "Garage" or "Dubstep"...

Starter is a track I made a couple years ago that never saw the light of day for some reason, though every time I play it I get positive response. No kickdrums, rimshots and bongos keep it skipping along, an old-school-rave vibe and a sense of anticipation make a good starter track, hence the name.

16 Million Colours (and I can name only 21) is a revisit to a tune named Kitset I did last year. Very techno, but with a bit of a dub/dancehall/rootsy feel to the bouncy bassline with added echoed horn stabs for flavour. Big spaced out string section in the middle. In contrast to Starter, I practiced a few production tricks to make the kickdrum punchy as all hell while keeping it clean and not too out there (thank you Future Music Magazine for a lot of tips). Never stop learning those tricks, or inventing them ;)

Rucksack is another tune from a couple of years ago that seems to be a favourite wherever I go. A great big hip-hop kick drum, a super catchy yet leisurely bassline, and tablas for the ladies (or so I'm told).

Haunted Soul has a bit of an oriental feel, and could easily be called Glitch Hop - except it's dubstep/garage tempo. It rattles along, has an emotional reprieve, then has a second drop you must check. I posted it up on soundcloud originally with a picture of a wild-eyed monkey in a cage (don't ask me why) and the feedback I got is that this is a sad song... It's not that sad! It's interesting how pictures can add connotations to something. "Haunted Soul" becomes the monkey when the picture is there. Without the picture, "Soul" is just the kind of music it is...

Summer Strings is an ode to the summer we just had. It's the closest I've been to composing a symphony... which isn't close at all. Ha. Watch out for the huge drums. They're huge, but not that loud. Not really. The rough filtered bassline is what drives this tune. This tune (and Haunted Soul too) owe a lot to D&B producers Dillinja and Lemon D. I can't help but be influenced by those guys.

You can listen to older versions of all these tunes except Starter at


released April 16, 2013

Shouts to Tamper for the inspiration to actually start writing tunes 8 years ago (has it been that long?). Most of the sample library used to make these tunes is a result of collaborations with Tamper. You can hear more of his stuff at

Shouts also to the Garden Shed crew Forge and Backspacer for getting in behind NZ electronic music in a big way, there's a lot of great Kiwi dance/bass/electronic music being made these days. You can visit the Garden Shed soundcloud page (and if you're a New Zealander, submit tracks) at



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